Ford Vignale Ambassador

It´s not always about pure speed. What I look in cars are comfort, elegance and innovative technology, because those three things create the whole driving experience. With that being said, I am very excited to be an AMBASSADOR FOR FORD VIGNALE IN FINLAND.

Vignale is the pinnacle of Ford in Europe blending contemporary design, craftsmanship, advanced technology and exclusive specifications with an upscale product and ownership experience. Moreover, hand-finished by master craftspeople and tailored to customer specifications, Vignale models offer timeless elegance, inspired by visionary vehicle coachbuilder ALFREDO VIGNALE. (1913-1969).

Influenced by classic design, the cabin of Ford Vignale was crafted with a focus on quality and premium materials. Vignale interior package includes premium leather seats, front and rear parking sensors, Ford SYNC 8” Touchscreen with Bluetooth and voice control, ambient lighting (front & rear), leather door panels with tuxedo stitching and SONY DAB navigation system with premium speakers.

MUSIC IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME WHEN I AM BEHIND THE WHEEL. Especially on longer trips. I was positively surprised how advanced the Ford SYNC system is. All I need to do is place my phone in the Bluetooth-mode and push play button. No more difficult pairing of devices or complicated setup processes. Just simply pushing few buttons does the trick.

I was fortunate to receive an “extra extended” test drive period during the 2016 summer, when I drove the new Ford Mondeo Vignale, which I received from Ford Finland as a part of the endorsement deal. During that summer, I was asked several times, why did I choose to drive Ford Vignale instead of something sportier? My answer was always the same. I PREFER COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE OVER ANYTHING ELSE. Some convertible might look very cool, but it is not very practical. Also, Ford Vignale has nearly 200hp of power so it is rather powerful too. In 2017 and 2018, I drove Ford Edge Vignale which is a trendsetting SUV model with all the Vignale components. Lots of space, lots of comfort and most importantly lots of fun! For me, space is important. I am a big guy with lots of ice hockey training gear in my daily use. Ford Edge Vignale is that perfect combination of everything that I need for my summer car.


What I also value in Vignale models is the practical approach to safety. As an example, Ford dynamic LED headlamps in all Vignale models improve road safety a lot. This innovative feature increases my overall visibility on the road. In addition, this technology temporarily dips your headlights when it detects oncoming traffic or a vehicle ahead, stopping you dazzling other drivers. Then it automatically reverts back to high beam, giving you maximum visibility.


Of course I did not refuse to test drive something speedier from Ford collection. Together with aspiring rallycross driver, Niclas Grönholm, who is the son of legendary WRC rally champion Marcus Grönholm, we took the new Ford Focus RS for a spin and it was FAST AND FURIOUS. Within the Finnish speed limits of course :) During the summer of 2017 and 2018, I was fortunate to test drive a 5.0 V8 Ford Mustang. I must say that Mustang was a once in the lifetime experience for me! Hopefully, I will also have an opportunity to drive Ford GT one day :)

More information about Ford Finland and the Vignale Concept: