Fitwood Signature Line by Aleksander Barkov

Aleksander Barkov Scores with Scandinavian design: Out of the closet, into the light

Today, you have 16 hours. That’s 960 minutes. That’s your life, one day at a time. The difference is in the minutes, so let's not waste time.

Coming from the same hometown — Tampere, Finland — Sasha and the founders of FitWood share the same passion for better home exercising with better values. They decided to work together in order to create something new and better that would challenge the standards of the fitness industry. The launch of the FitWood by Aleksander Barkov signature line took place on Kickstarter in Jan 2017.

Sasha and FitWood have come together to inspire healthier and more active lifestyles through sustainability, Scandinavian design, and unmatched functionality — while spending more time at home instead of the gym. The SNÖBLOCK Training Table and TROLLSTIGEN Wall Bars were designed to be a centerpiece in your home, not the garage. They’ll always be there when you need them, silent, but ready for action.

Just like Sasha.

“I’m proud of them,” Barkov said. “They bring a lot of new possibilities into exercising at home. For me it is important, that with them you can do traditional exercises which bring actual results. I can stand behind these and in addition they represent values which are important to me. I was raised in Tampere, Finland — the same city where FitWood got its start — so it was an honor to get on board.”

The material is Nordic birch-wood, super-hardened by the freezing winters of northern Finland — premium quality, unbelievable strength.

The manufacturing is local, and held to the highest standards of environmental and labor safety.

Thanks, Finland.

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