Charity Work

In February of 2016, Sasha Barkov helped organize a dream come true trip for a Finnish kid, Aleksi Soini, who was diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2013. Aleksi was an inspiring junior hockey player in Finland when he was stricken by this awful illness. “I was heartbroken when I heard about Aleksi’s case and I wanted to invite Aleksi to Florida to watch a few of my games,” Sasha said. Sasha also took Aleksi to the Florida Panthers locker room and introduced him to other players. Finally, Sasha and Aleksi went to see an NBA game where they met with Miami Heat star, Dwayne Wade, baseball superstar, Alex Rodriguez, and many other celebrities. This trip was an unforgettable experience for Aleksi, who inspired the Finnish and Floridian communities to pursue their dreams and fight hard to overcome challenges.

During summer 2016, Sasha invited Aleksi to visit the "Barkov Day" at his Barkov Golf School project. Till this day, they keep in touch via social media and are looking forward to meet again in the future.

"I am excited to get involved in charity work. For me it is something very important because I want to help less fortunate people, who might not have similar chances like others. I am extremely proud of Aleksi. I admire his courage and perseverance," Sasha concludes.

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