Barkov Golf School

Barkov Golf School is a project that involves golf camps for kids in Finland. The project started on summer of 2016 and is planned to be held each summer until 2020. The main organizer of the camps is HLR Golf. Each summer a "Barkov Day" is held where Sasha comes to challenge the kids in various golf games, congratulates best performers and supports the project. The first camps are usually held in early May and the last ones at the end of July. 3-day camps include 15 hours of high quality golf training, daily lunch and golf gear for kids. The head coach of Barkov Golf School is Hanna-Leena Ronkainen, who is one of the most successful female golfers in Finland.

"Recently, I got excited with the game of golf, Sasha says. It is something that is quite close to ice hockey in terms of the shot trajectory. Also, I am very happy to be able to raise the awareness of golf amongst the young generation in Finland. Last summer Barkov day was a great success. It was nice to see that kids were very excited about the camps. Hopefully they will stay excited so we may have new Tiger Woods in the making. Looking forward to next year´s camps already! I also want to use this opportunity to thank our sponsors (Saumalaakso, Continental Golf Park Leppävaara, Wilson Staff and HLR Golf Academy) for supporting this project".

"I play golf here in Florida as well. Whenever there is a chance, Panthers sometimes arrange golf events and I always try to join them. Even though, I am still a beginner, I am very excited about golf. I think it is a great hobby, where you can spend time outdoors and enjoy the weather", Sasha added.

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