“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them” – Bruce Lee

It takes a lot of courage to lead the hockey team on the ice. Sometimes, you have everything on your shoulders and you must choose whether you will take the risk or play it safe. In individual sports you play for yourself, but here you have a whole team and organization to play for. Sometimes, you have the whole city or country relying on you. This is where the courage comes into play. If you have the heart to take the risk and accept the fact that you might fail in front of millions of viewers, than you have the opportunity to become a hero. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not, but the point is that if you do not have the courage, you will unlikely ever become great.

When I have a breakaway or a shootout chance, I try to expect greatness from myself, more than my team or fans would expect out of me. This way I don’t give myself any excuses to fail. I have only one option, which is to score a goal. Sometimes you fail and sometimes you score, which then gives you the feeling of satisfaction. In both case scenarios, the training and learning process does not stop there. Confidence and experience are amongst the important factors that help you to develop courage and creativity on the ice.