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I am Aleksander “Sasha” Barkov, born and raised in Finland with Russian roots. Ice hockey is my passion and profession. At the moment, I am playing my 7th season with the Florida Panthers. Here in Florida, most people call me Barky. I am not sure how this name came about, but I kind of like it. I also like to drive fast cars and play video games. When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a professional gamer, but fortunately my parents insisted on me becoming a hockey player instead.

As the captain of Florida Panthers, I am dedicated to lead our team towards reaching the Stanley Cup final one day. I have won the Lady Byng award in 2019 and was an NHL All Stars selectee in 2018. I am also very proud of my Olympic Bronze medal and the World Championships Silver medal with team Finland (Leijonat). My ultimate dream is to win the Stanley Cup, the World Championships and hopefully the Olympic Games one day. Apart from my hobbies and hockey, I am also passionate in doing charity work. I find it important to help the less fortunate.

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So, who really is Sasha Barkov? I am a relaxed and easy going guy beyond the hockey rink. However, there is a bit of stubbornness in me that kicks in at the right moment to help me get what I want on and off the ice. While ice hockey is my life, I do have other passions and hobbies. I also have wonderful family and friends who support me in every way possible. At the end of the day, I like the simple things. I like to eat good food, get together with my family and laugh at my father’s jokes. I am always ready to learn new things and keep an open mind towards everything. I just want to be able to do what I love and enjoy this life as much as possible!

Why I  Ice Hockey

When I grew up, ice hockey was amongst my favourite sports, but not the most favourite one. I loved playing tennis and soccer too. As a kid, I spent my winters at the ice hockey rink and summers playing tennis or soccer. At the age of 12, I decided to give all of my energy to ice hockey.

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What I  to do Besides Ice Hockey

My other passion besides ice hockey are definitely cars. I am a car fan in every way. I like fast cars, classic cars, I even enjoy playing racing games on my video game console. It all started when I got my first car which was a 2-seated moped car or how they like to call them in Finland “mopoauto”.

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my Family, Friends & Fans

I owe most of my success to my family. I owe the rest of my success to my friends and people around me who have helped me to get where I am now. It is not a secret that professional athletes do not achieve great results by themselves. It is very important to have strong and dedicated team around you.

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My Team: Florida Panthers

This is my team

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2017 / 2018 NHL Season

In this section I would like you to get to know my team the Florida Panthers better. You can find the latest team news, schedule and statistics from the current season.


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Panthers current points leaderboard and player stats.


Regular Season

Panthers current standings in the National Hockey League.


Regular Season

Panthers full schedule for 2016 / 2017 season.

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  • Everyday is a great day for hockey.

    — Mario Lemieux —
  • I train everyday of my life as they have never trained a day in theirs.

    — Alexander Karelin —
  • I´ve always dreamed of playing Ice Hockey in the National Hockey League.

    — Aleksander Barkov —